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VHS: Vise 2.0 by cornellartworks VHS: Vise 2.0 by cornellartworks
Did an update of the original Vise illustration, I like this one a lot better.
So the focus of my critique is going to be suggestions for how to add depth to this image and sell the atmosphere/setting.

It looks like you ran the add noise filter and there's two reasons I can imagine it's use. Sometimes it's to give a grainy or retro look and if that was your intent then keep it. The other reason is to try to make a digital piece look less digital. If that was the case then I would suggest trying to use brushes that have more texture/noise instead.

The value of the ground nearly matches the tires. I would lighten up the entire ground with it being it's darkest right before the bottom of the image. All of the the really dark spots could probably be lightened a little.The only really crazy dark spot should be where the tire of the motorcycle touches the black pavement because you have two matte black objects getting close together and creating an occlusion shadow that doesn't have much air between it and the viewers eye.. Keeping in mind that's your 10 adjust the other values to stair step lighter in comparison.The motorcycle should be casting a shadow towards the viewer since the neon light is the light source. The figure is getting a very faint secondary light from around the viewer but it is a really strong light source on the face. Listen to your light source and make her face darker. Some of that neon light would bounce off the inside of the lower part of her helmet and light up the underside of her features with red but it shouldn't be too strong and the fall off will happen pretty quickly.

The metal on the bike is successfully being conveyed as shiny chrome but each form is so outlined by light(handle of machete,tools and slots for tools as well) that it doesn't read three dimensionally or fit in the environment. I would revisit all of the edge light and think about the thickness of those highlights and whether they would be present. For instance right behind her foot that pipe has the highest point of contrast between it's underside and the very dark pavement. Where is that light bouncing up from to cause that white? Same with the piece of metal on the far right of the image. At the same time the character's dark leg and blade doesn't appear to be reflected in the metal.

The motorcycle design is very confusing to me so if that's on a separate layer I think dropping a layer behind it of a low opacity light red might help pull it forward and make the design more clear.

The column supporting the neon sign is grabbing a lot of attention. I would seriously reduce the contrast where it meets the ceiling either by darkening the top of the column as it approaches the ceiling or making the column less red or the ceiling more red.

There's a white line on the helmet that looks like a downplane that would be facing away from all light source but it is extremely high in value and lines up oddly with the nose.

I would recommend using guides and masks for your ellipses and anything mechanical. In particaly the circle near the knee.

The tops of her fingers on her sign holding hand are getting a lot of direct lot when it looks like most of it would be blocked. I wouldn't expect the fingers below the index finger to be catching any of that neon light from above. I would expect the light that gives the hand form there to actually be light reflecting off the stop sign although still not very strongly.

I hope I have been some help.
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October 7, 2015
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